Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Lone Star Steakhouse, 113 S. duPont Highway, New Castle, DE 19720 302-322-3854

Strengths: Tonight, I can't think of any.

Service: Service was fine on this occasion.

Could use Improvement: See Below...

Turn Off’s: I am writing this very quickly after having eaten my meal from Lone Star for several reasons. First, I want to jot these thoughts down while they are fresh in my mind. Secondly, I fear that I may become violently ill, and I want to document the evening while I am still able. On both of my last two visits, my favorite steak (the cajun ribeye) has been cooked and served to me well done, rather than medium rare as I had requested. On each such occasion I have sent it back and a manager returns with a properly cooked steak of greater size, and an apology. Tonight however, the traditional cajun spices had been supplemented with a different flavoring. It vividly brought forward images in my mind of the steak having been tenderized under the boot of a cook who had recently been outside on a smoke break. I still feel ill just thinking about it. It seems that Lone Star has been suffering from the competition of the Texas Roadhouse and Bugaboo Creek. Lone Star is no longer on my approved list. What a shame.

Handicap Accessibility: Good.

Parking: Good.

Reviewer: REI1