Tuesday, July 15, 2003

7-15-2003 Klondike Kates, (302) 737-6100, 158 E. Main Street, Newark, DE

Strengths: Decent food for a student bar.

Service: Service was very nice.

Could use Improvement: The place could stand a good scrubbing, and a few of the tables could be leveled.

Turn OffĂ‚’s: None

Handicap Accessibility: Poor.

Reviewer: REI1
7-13-2003 Michaels Restaurant & Pub, (302) 368-4230, 1000 Churchmans Rd, Newark, DE 19713

Strengths: Once again, the best buffet in town. The prime rib was perfect.

Service: Service was nicely done. We were pleased.

Could use Improvement: If they could find a way to offer such good food and good service at less than the $17.95 per person price, it would be an improvement. But I dare say it is not likely.

Turn Off’s: The mandatory tip for large parties does not lend to my process of giving good tips for good service. But I know why they have that policy. And so do you.

Handicap Accessibility: Very Good.

Reviewer: REI1