Thursday, November 20, 2003

TGI Fridays, 650 South College Ave.,Newark, DE 19713 (302) 737-3700
(302) 737-9177 (FAX)

Strengths: Reasonably stable good menu.

Service: Service was acceptable on this occasion.

Could use Improvement: I ordered a medium rare steak, and received a well done steak.

Turn Off’s: The server rushed into the parking lot to mistakenly accuse me of taking her pen, in front of my guests. I had left her pen on the table. The dim lights interfered with her ability to see it. I gave her an extra pen and wished her well.

Handicap Accessibility: Good.

Parking: Good.

Reviewer: REI1
DENNY's, 80 MCINTOSH PLAZA, NEWARK, DE 19713 (302)-738-4671

Strengths: Open 24 Hours, and serves breakfast all of them.

Service: Service was poor on this occasion. Sad.

Could use Improvement: The food was burned, and late, even though there were very few patrons in the restaurant.

Turn Off’s: Late, poorly cooked food and bad service.

Handicap Accessibility: Good.

Parking: Adequate.

Reviewer: REI1